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                                                                           The Strathcona Food Security Community Engagement and Research Project is a partnership between North Island College and the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). The project has three key aims:

1.)     To explore the current assets and gaps in community efforts to improve food security within the Strathcona Region;

2.)     To determine the feasibility and relevance of providing support for region-wide networking and capacity building through a Food Security Networking Hub for the region;

3.)    To develop a region-wide action plan to build on assets, address gaps and ultimately, improve food security across the region.

Please see here for an FAQ on the project.

Community engagement and participation are integral to the success of the project. A parallel project is happening concurrently in the Mt. Waddington Region.

Strathcona Food Security Project Banner
Banner images used are courtesy of:
Shelter Point Distillery: http://www.shelterpointdistillery.com
Ross Mountain Farm: http://www.rossmountainfarm.ca
Crabby Bob’s Seafood: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crabby-Bobs-Seafood-Ltd/132456896960345
and Nomade Moderne: http://photography.nomademoderne.net

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